I’m a workaholic. I spend more days in than I spend out. Whether it’s in the office or in my living-room writing, I am always doing something that requires staying inside. And frankly, I’ve had enough.


For my birthday this year, I urged my husband to take me to a beach. Any beach. We live in Northern California where beaches are not exactly next door. The night before my turning of age, we did some research on beaches near by and settled on Stinson beach. It’s what many reviewers say is a hidden gem located in a small town of Marin county.



Saturday came and we journeyed out to the bay. I was extremely excited to lay out on the beach and do what most girls do when at the beach: Tan. Boy was I mistaken. The San Francisco bay is usually cold and cloudy. This place was no different. There was an overcast the entire time we were there, but watching the tides roll in and hearing the waves gave me so much peace. By then, I really couldn’t complain. Being at the beach brought serenity. In the chaos that I am surrounded by on a daily basis, this trip was exactly what I needed. Though the trip was short lived, it was the best birthday I’ve ever had. I guess sometimes it isn’t about spending money on fancy things or going on fancy trips. But rather it’s the luxury you feel whenever peace surrounds you. Now that’s fancy.







Photos by my darling Husband.



  • Forever 21 tropical playsuit 
  • Twilight hoodie (got this for Xmas back when I was the biggest Twihard fan.)

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